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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My week back home to WI

So I was gone for over a week and only looked @ the computer ONE time the entire time i was gone...blogging world was neglected so thought i would share w/ you what i did on my week+ vacation! ;) It was wonderful to get away and have some nice down time! got to visit w/ my good friend Ashley from high school on Thursday and we got to meet each others baby's for the very first time! isn't her little Leighton a doll???
Great Grandma Derksen watched Chase while we picked walnuts up

Hannah and her humping frogs.... nice eh? Seriously they were 'stuck' together!!! yuck!

Andrea's birthday party where the 'kids' can gamble .... pay $20 for tokens to redeem for approx $1 in prizes...nice huh? *sigh*

Hannah getting the ride of her life w/ Auntie Erica, she loves those horses!

Jaden & Haley bouncing around

Visiting w/ cousin Sarah from MI over Labor Day weekend

Hannah working hard on the dreaded job of picking up walnuts! My folks have 3 very large trees that shed these suckers like crazy and you have to pick them up b4 the lawn can be mowed. I picked 8 of these baskets heaping full w/ the help of the 3 little kidos... if you can call it help:)
Have a great day! Melis

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