Inspiration from Melissa

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall has come!

 so I love fall as I know many people do who live in the Midwest. It's refreshing, pretty and a wonderful break from the heat! It goes to say that stamping has recently been replaced w/ other projects that NEEDED to get done. This was an old headboard that had been spray painted a few times by others and needed some TLC. I sanded it all down and redid it in cream vintage.
 This little beauty was bought on a sidewalk sale after I sold my old bedroom set and I needed a new side table. I thought it had potential and took my inspiration from Restoration Hardware.  Goodbye pretty little flowers;)
 Ahh and this has been the biggest. My kitchen table that also needed to be refinished! I started sanding this past Friday night and just put the last coat of poly on this afternoon. What a good feeling to be done and have it looking all pretty again!
 We had our Christian Ed auction for the school that the girls go to. A dear friend and I tackled making these cute little growth charts(thanks pinterest!!) We were rather tickled with how they came out!! I got the tickets and tags bundle just in time from SU! to make my little tags for them!
 and one more thing to share in the craft dept is this barn board necklace holder ;) also was donated to the auction!
I did have a little stamping excitement tho! I got my FIRST paper pumpkin box in the mail! Below you can see the supplies I needed to make the cards. It took me 11 minutes to assemble and be done with 4 cute cards!
I did each one jut a little different from the next, Enjoy!
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