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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Water color trio

Goodmorning! i have another mass produce pile here to share w/ you. I left the sentiment off of all of these to leave them more general. I thought it was a nice sympathy card but it could be used many different ways. This flower is from the set water color trio in a mini a while ago. it's not in the big caty right now, but i wonder if it will make it into the big new one in July!?
so i had a crazy afternoon yesterday. i made a big supper for 7 young ladies all under 9 and Chase and I. K so i thought i would grill...pork chops...which i suck at....make twice baked potatoes and corn bread casserole....not sure what i was thinking. They would rather have mac n cheese, but i was in the mood....well that is until i started making it all. I got all the filthy kids rounded up(they were throwing mud balls in the creek), bathed them to their knees on the drive way in buckets, made them sit @ the table and began to dish out potatoes(wait they weren't quite done yet...put back in oven) i did corn...then proceded to begin cutting meat for 7 very HUNGRY girls.... got that done...crap meat is not done...back on the grill it goes. ok potatoes should be good now...not.... a bit on the crunchy side...but girls don't care so i won't say anything! they clear that part of their plates and begin asking for the meat...oh yes.... the MEAT!!! run back's all good. a bit black on the edges but edible. rather tasty i must say!

the whole while i was frantically trying to feed these children, Chase was sceam/crying at the top of his lungs. he got shots today and was NOT a happy camper. i could feel a temp starting and his little leg was red and i assume sore. do you feel the sense of chaos i did??? ;) we gotter done, my children all went to bed fabulously and now i can sit w/ my feet up and it feels great!

Have a great day!

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