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Friday, December 21, 2012

Cookie jars and Christmas tags

 Tis the season right! so i've got to share the finished jars with you. After the winter stamp camp where we made them together, the next day my girls and i could focus on finishing them up. I did my best to let them do all they could by you have any idea how hard that is for me??? WEll, i'll tell you. It's HARD! b4 the flowers were added to the top of the jars i asked if they were ok, and they said, "we wanna make them fancier!!" So the punching began, of scallop circles that is. they sprayed w/ alcoholic glitter and crumpled away. even got the neighbor girls invovled. Then they stacked em up, pierced em w/ a brad and hot glued to the top of their cookie jars! they were so proud. Today they get delivered;)
My famous babysitter Leah who also loves to paper craft, got crafty for me in making this adorable tag using Button Buddies for one of my gift bags. Bless her heart! Thank you Leah!!

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