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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Hannah and I worked diligently on her Valentine boxes. She had to sign her name 20 times on the back and wasn't real thrilled about doing so. I tried breaking it up for her a bit and she did get 17 done. then she was FINISHED. so i did the last 3 for her. she really didn't get the whole concept of giving candy and then getting some in return. she kept saying it was dumb.... this candy is all for 'them' ... i don't get any of it....ect. Needless to say when she got home from school on Monday...her response was, "Mom, today was AWESOME, all i did was play, play, work... and look at all my TREATS!!!" These little love bot boxes were on SU!'s clearance a while back.

 i made a Mexican meal for Jesse for dinner. and you can see the roses i got from the kidos! While Hannah was in school, Haley and i made a big heart monster cookie for Daddy.

While waiting for it to bake Haley and i kept digging in the bowl and eating the dough bc i have this friend who eats dough all the time*smile* and doesn't get sick(and let's her children too), so i thought i would try it. well either i ate more than she does, or my gut can't handle it bc i felt like you know what....ugh! no more cookie dough for this cat!
i think Chase wants a bite.....

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